Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet Dreams Munchkin

This sweet little boy is my pride and joy. My son Kaleb was having a moment of peace and tranquility on our long drive home from Illinois! This was one of the very first shots I took with my brand new 50D--after my Xti fell out of the back of our car and broke the lcd screen (RIP little camera). For those of you who know Kaleb, you know that these moments of stillness are few and far between, so it's always a pleasure to document moments where he actually looks angelic!

Kathryn, the dancer

Kathryn is a dancer and truly an artist, her grace and poise carried through our photo session. The dancing aspect was actually an afterthought as she was building her modeling portfolio, within our conversation I found out about her incredible talent. Though at the time of the shoot she was not a 'practicing dancer' it is very apparent that it is in her blood. Kathryn is such a talented young lady!

Beautiful Blues!

This lovely young lady is the granddaughter of a friend of mine. She was a thrill to photograph because her personality showed through every action! I love how so much life just shines in her eyes. There are usually a handful of photos that just pop where every aspect works, with this particular little darling there were maybe a handful that didn't! She is an absolute doll and I'd love to shoot with Annalease again :)