Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am available to shoot events of all sizes. Whether it be a casual family get together or a formal night out I can capture the activities or set up a backdrop with lighting for organized group photos, depending on the desired images. With advanced notice I can also bring in a second shooter and/or assistants depending on the specific wants of the client.

Tiny Tots

Children are so capable of expressing their personalities visually that it is a pleasure to work with the wee ones. I am a very easy going person, I am a mommy, and I have also been a camp counselor and worked at a children's museum. I have practically always worked with kids, so it is truly second nature to me.

So be it newborn photos, birthday memories or family portrait sessions; I would be happy to help you capture those memories.

Models and Actors

I have worked with several agency represented talent, and have also worked as talent myself. I keep up to date with trends and acceptable styles for recognized agencies. I am knowledgeable of both the modeling and film industry standards, and can also be of assistance for those who simply have questions about how things work!

Photo Session Preparation 101

Each photo session has it's own distinct flavor based upon many factors: Location (in studio or outdoors), Wardrobe, Accessories and most of all the personality you bring!

Here are some tips and tricks for a successful session:

Be Prepared:
If you would like to utilize multiple outfits, bring them. Don't forget accessories! Remember that color greatly enhances photos so selecting colors that compliment your skin tone and/or eye color will always be more flattering.

If you would like to shoot at a specific location that is private property--get permission in advance!

If you would like to have the sunset as your backdrop, remember that it only happens once a day so no dawdling! ;)

If you have ideas/inspirations that you would like to emulate, please do communicate them openly. I'm capable of doing adaptations and recreating styles, but advance notice can certainly help me with research for specific concepts.

In case of emergency--be flexible!
This particularly applies to sessions involving small children and pets. There's a saying in Hollywood: Never work with babies or animals--I DISAGREE! Often the spontaneous moments of genuine personality become the photos that you treasure most because they capture reality so accurately. But do remember that accidents, spills and wardrobe malfunctions can occur so back up outfits are always encouraged.

Most of all: HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My style of photography...

I am an ever evolving photographer. I am always striving to learn new techniques, whether it be a new lighting set up or a retouching process. I am open to finding unique ways to capture a perfect moment. My training has been very hands on, I have always enjoyed the challenge of making magic within a small frame.

I have always been interested in the arts and have pursued a number of mediums to express myself, it is amazing how many levels of my education in other 'arts' have greatly influenced my photography. I received my degree in Theatre Arts with an emphasis on Acting/Directing, while as a student I studied lighting design, costume design and scenic design all of which have played a major role in my studio work. My role as both an actor and director helped me find the importance of a well-lit, well-staged scene. Later I went on to have some success as an agency repped Plus Size model, through numerous photo shoots I was able to learn a great deal about commercial photography from in front of the lens. Because I have been able to work on both sides of the camera I feel like that has given me a great advantage to make my clients feel comfortable so that their true personalities shine through. Often subconsciously, all of this practical experience presents itself through my photography.

I enjoy watching people interact naturally because those are the memories that we become most fond of as the years pass. I thoroughly enjoy portraiture because it gives me the challenge of summing up a person's personality, experience and lifestyle in a single frame. There is nothing so fulfilling as hearing a client say, "That is so me!" Another passion of mine is helping people feel beautiful in their own skin, styling and lighting assist in that a great deal, but so much is about confidence. It is wonderful to be a part of something so important!

As a mother, I know how my photographs of my little one are some of my most valued possessions. As a photographer, I remember that, in all I do!