Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photo Session Preparation 101

Each photo session has it's own distinct flavor based upon many factors: Location (in studio or outdoors), Wardrobe, Accessories and most of all the personality you bring!

Here are some tips and tricks for a successful session:

Be Prepared:
If you would like to utilize multiple outfits, bring them. Don't forget accessories! Remember that color greatly enhances photos so selecting colors that compliment your skin tone and/or eye color will always be more flattering.

If you would like to shoot at a specific location that is private property--get permission in advance!

If you would like to have the sunset as your backdrop, remember that it only happens once a day so no dawdling! ;)

If you have ideas/inspirations that you would like to emulate, please do communicate them openly. I'm capable of doing adaptations and recreating styles, but advance notice can certainly help me with research for specific concepts.

In case of emergency--be flexible!
This particularly applies to sessions involving small children and pets. There's a saying in Hollywood: Never work with babies or animals--I DISAGREE! Often the spontaneous moments of genuine personality become the photos that you treasure most because they capture reality so accurately. But do remember that accidents, spills and wardrobe malfunctions can occur so back up outfits are always encouraged.

Most of all: HAVE FUN WITH IT!

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