Monday, May 18, 2009

My style of photography...

I am an ever evolving photographer. I am always striving to learn new techniques, whether it be a new lighting set up or a retouching process. I am open to finding unique ways to capture a perfect moment. My training has been very hands on, I have always enjoyed the challenge of making magic within a small frame.

I have always been interested in the arts and have pursued a number of mediums to express myself, it is amazing how many levels of my education in other 'arts' have greatly influenced my photography. I received my degree in Theatre Arts with an emphasis on Acting/Directing, while as a student I studied lighting design, costume design and scenic design all of which have played a major role in my studio work. My role as both an actor and director helped me find the importance of a well-lit, well-staged scene. Later I went on to have some success as an agency repped Plus Size model, through numerous photo shoots I was able to learn a great deal about commercial photography from in front of the lens. Because I have been able to work on both sides of the camera I feel like that has given me a great advantage to make my clients feel comfortable so that their true personalities shine through. Often subconsciously, all of this practical experience presents itself through my photography.

I enjoy watching people interact naturally because those are the memories that we become most fond of as the years pass. I thoroughly enjoy portraiture because it gives me the challenge of summing up a person's personality, experience and lifestyle in a single frame. There is nothing so fulfilling as hearing a client say, "That is so me!" Another passion of mine is helping people feel beautiful in their own skin, styling and lighting assist in that a great deal, but so much is about confidence. It is wonderful to be a part of something so important!

As a mother, I know how my photographs of my little one are some of my most valued possessions. As a photographer, I remember that, in all I do!

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